Engaging Globally Through Twitter Spaces, Workshops, and Mentorship

I thrive in vibrant interactions, particularly through hosting Twitter Spaces, engaging in real-time dialogue with a global audience. My passion extends to leading workshops, where I provide hands-on learning experiences. Additionally, I find fulfillment in one-on-one mentorship via ADPList, guiding individuals on their personal and professional growth paths. Each platform allows me to share knowledge, inspire, and connect deeply with others.


Workshop Deep Dive Into Grid and Flexbox.

iSwift Bootcamp, Nov 2023

The aim of this workshop is for participants to master slicing and converting designs into code for all types of layouts created by designers. For example, if participants receive a layout like this, they can use Flexbox or Grid to implement it.


Becoming A Front End Developer At Efishery From A Distance

Talkbox, Sep 7, 2023

Front End Developer is one of the professions in the field of Web Development. They usually collaborate with several teams, including designers. This time, MinBox had the opportunity to chat with a Front End Developer from eFishery, Kak Faldi. There are many insights to be gained from his career journey.