Digital Constellations: Innovations That Define My Journey

Crafting my mark on the tech cosmos, I've unleashed a series of projects that capture my essence as an innovator. Among a constellation of endeavors, a select few shine brightest — my proudest creations. These gems, largely open-source, are invitations for you to explore, tinker, and enhance. Dive into the code; let's innovate together.

  • Redux Toolkit Example Project

    Led an in-depth Frontend mentoring program, navigating the complete development lifecycle from conceptualization to deployment. Enabled participants to construct a fully-functional application from the ground up, utilizing a cutting-edge tech stack comprising Vite, React, and Redux Toolkit. The program was designed to furnish mentees with hands-on knowledge for starting and evolving a project from its inception, instilling a foundational understanding of modern frontend development practices.

    Github Redux Toolkit

  • Reading List Project

    Guided a comprehensive NextJS workshop, covering the journey from RFC to release documentation. Empowered participants to build a project from the ground up using a robust tech stack that includes NextJS, TypeScript, Supabase, SteinsJS, and TanStack. Aimed to equip mentees with practical insights into initiating and developing a project from scratch.

    Github Reading List

  • NextJS Leaflet Project

    This project demonstrates integrating Leaflet with NextJS for creating interactive maps. It serves as a practical example for the tutorial series on

    Github NextJS Leafleat

  • Duwork Agency Landingpage

    Developed the Duwork Studio landing page with TypeScript and React/Next.js, enhancing user engagement by 40% through dynamic content and innovative design.

    duwork landingpage

  • Illustration Agency Landing Page

    HThis landing page serves as a digital storefront for an Illustration Agency, designed to enhance outreach and client engagement. The site integrates with Google Sheets to efficiently collect and manage contact data, ensuring a seamless lead generation process.

    Illustration Agency

  • Dipa Agency Landing Page

    This landing page represents a vibrant showcase for a digital agency, highlighting their portfolio and team. Designed to impress and attract potential clients, it utilizes NextJS for fast, server-side rendering and seamless user experiences

    Dipa Agency

  • Inagata Technosmith Landing Page

    Celebrating its 7th year, Inagata Technosmiths landing page is designed to elevate your digital experience. Specializing in website and mobile development, as well as visual design, the site showcases a rich portfolio, a dedicated team, and a glimpse into the Inagata ecosystem.

    Inagata Technosmith

  • Industry Talent - Job Listing Platform

    Industry Talent is a cutting-edge job listing and application platform that streamlines the hiring process by leveraging powerful integrations and a responsive design. Utilizing Loxos robust recruitment software and EmailJSs seamless email integration, the platform offers an intuitive user experience for both job seekers and employers.

    Industry Talent

  • Logos Festival Landingpage

    Logos Festival, organized by Logos NGO, is an inclusive educational event emphasizing the theme of Justice. Running from November 3rd to December 4th, it offers a series of lectures and discussions through Justice Bootcamp and Justice Talks, featuring expert academicians and international thinkers focused on justice and political philosophy

    Logos Festival

  • Slate JS Text Editor

    Slate JS Editor is an editable rich text editor that surpasses the capabilities of a standard `<textarea>`. It allows users to perform rich text editing functions, such as making text bold or adding semantically rendered block quotes. The editor provides a user-friendly platform to experiment with text styling and formatting in real-time.

    Slate JS Text Editor