About Me

Hi there, I'm Naufaldi Rafif S. , a seasoned Frontend Engineer with over 5 years of experience in the industry. I've worked in various fields, including Software Houses, Design Studios, and Startup Products. Currently, I'm working as a Frontend Engineer at eFishery, a startup in the aquaculture industry based in Indonesia.

A passionate Frontend Engineer with a love for teaching. That's why I've joined ADPList as a mentor to provide accessible mentorship to everyone. Through my mentorship, I aim to share my knowledge and expertise with other developers to help them achieve their goals.

In addition to being a mentor, I'm also a writer on Twitter where I share my journey and insights related to tech. I'm always eager to share my thoughts on the latest trends in the industry and engage with other like-minded individuals.

Furthermore, I'm also open to opportunities to speak at events and conferences . If you're interested in working with me as a mentor or speaker, please feel free to reach out to me via DM or email to inquire about potential business opportunities.