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Logos Festival Landingpage

Logos Festival Landingpage

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Logos Festival


Logos Festival, organized by Logos NGO, is an inclusive educational event emphasizing the theme of Justice. Running from November 3rd to December 4th, it offers a series of lectures and discussions through Justice Bootcamp and Justice Talks, featuring expert academicians and international thinkers focused on justice and political philosophy. The festival is accessible to all, providing sign language interpretation and free registration

Tech Stack

  • NextJS for server-side rendering and static site generation
  • JavaScript for dynamic client-side functionality
  • Framer Motion for smooth and engaging page transitions
  • TailwindCSS for a utility-first approach to styling


  • Educational Bootcamps on Philosophy, Law, Gender, and Politics
  • High-profile Speaker Events with a focus on Justice
  • Strong Partnerships with Sponsors and Media Entities

For a closer look at our work or to meet our creative team, visit our site and explore what we have to offer.